TRAIL activation by TRAIL S-1 as a new immune vitalization.

Bacteria are necessary for living for all creatures from micro-organisms to their predators. Fermentation, which produces lactic acid bacteria is a gift from living bacteria. Louis Pasteur found it and invented a way to pasteurize them. We can enjoy wine thanks to his effort. He also found how to weaken harmful bacteria. We can gain immunity by intaking them. This is what we know as vaccination. Later, he was praised. "People in Europe know Pasteur even if they don't know Napoleon". Metchnikoff found that water fleas and sea cucumbers have a type of cells which can digest foreign matters. This is called a phagocyte macrophage. The function of the cell is a system with which animals don't get sick. In other words, it is the biological defense system. He researched on human aging all through his life. He advocated Autointoxication Theory saying that putrilage produced by bacteria in a stomach causes aging. After traveling in Bulgaria, he taught that yogurt was helpful with a long life and it triggered the spread of yogurt culture in Europe. Tsunatato Kishida, respecting Pasteur and Mitchnikoff, thought there must have been useful bacteria for a long life in Japan as well. His strong belief led his discovery of Lactobacillus Brevis. Lactobacillus Brevis was found in a barrel which stored traditional Japanese pickles called "Suguki". This bacterial strain could only be found in the specific area of Kyoto. TRAIL S-1 is also from the same bacterial strain. It has been 100 years since Metchnikoff advocated that lactic acid bacteria had a good effect to our health. Now, TRAIL, a new type of lactic acid bacteria activating cytokines is found. For example, NK cells don't attack normal cells but cancer cells and infected cells by virus. It has been recognized a cytokine called TRAIL does something to do with the process. The relationship between TRAIL and illnesses includes various medical areas. Therefore, numerous studies have been done to find a material which activates TRAIL or an antibody for medical products focusing on the cancer remedy development. TRAIL S-1 will be expected more and more with its immunopotentiative action by TRAIL S-1 bacteria.
A "founder of modern bacteriology" as well as Robert Koch. Developed pasteurization to prevent milk, wine and beer from going off.
Developed vaccination. Invented tabbies vaccine and fowl cholera vaccine. Discovery of gaining immunity by intaking attenuated bacteria became a great arm against infectious diseases.
Advocated phagocytosis by white blood cells. Pioneering research on immune systems brought Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1908.
Studies good and bad bacteria all through his life. Created human leukocyte interferon for the first time in Japan in 1972. Established Louis Pasteur Center for Medical Research in 1986.
Suguki strain made only in Kamigamo, Kyoko. Lactic acid bacteria that save humans have been in barrels storing pickles since ancient times.
Paved the way for the treatment of hepatitis malignancy, melanoma and leukemia.

Lactobacillus plantarum