Keep your stomach healthy.

This is a key for your beauty. Metchnikoff, in the end of the 19th century, advocated two things: 1) not to intake harmful bacteria. 2) instead, intake lactic acid bacteria, effective competitors against the bad bacteria. It is an important fact to keep you healthy and to avoid aging. The bowel is the greatest organ for immunity. As a fact, more than 60% of rimoh cells, which operate our immune systems, are concentrated in bowels. Recent studies found that bowel-immunity had a strong relation to allergies. Atopic dermatitis among young children is a typical problem caused by certain kinds of food they had. It tents to happen when a healthy condition with proper intestinal flora wasn't formed in their childhood. Lactic acid bacteria help to provide a healthy stomach condition. TRAIL S-1 is an outstanding plant-based lactic acid bacterium with an unlimited possibility.