Death programed in cancer cells.

Apoptosis is a phenomenon in which a signal is sent to a cell and the cell dies in an orderly manner during cell death. substance relating immune reactions. attention because attacks cancer The phenomenon of fertilization and growth from ab egg to a foetation is generally called development. Then, it is thought that it will change to the foetation while tracing the memory of evolution. At that time, a webbing is always formed between the fingers as a memory that the creature lives in the water. This eventually regresses and cell death at this time is a phenomenon called apoptosis. Apoptosis is an orderly death, a cell death in a form that follows certain rules. They cytokine TRAIL is a special cytokine that causes cancer cells to undergo apoptosis. TRAIL S-1, lactic acid bacteria, is an excellent lactic acid bacterium that has proven to activate cytokine, TRAIL.